Cloud Solution Architect, 
Evanglist, and Public Speaker in Canada

Born in Australia I've always shown a keen interest in creativity and problem solving. Now living in Seattle US, often in Vancouver Canada; I have also spent some years working and living in Dubai UAE.

In my business career I have never been afraid to get my
hands dirty, work as part of a team and lead by example. I am always ready for a challenge and am constantly on a self-improvement journey. My biggest personal challenges in recent years has been trekking to Mt Everest Basecamp, White Water Rafting in Switzerland in winter, and integrating into society in Dubai.

I feel that I carry important personal qualities such as loyalty and a strong work ethic. From working at a bar dealing with problem patrons while at University studying a Bachelor of Information Technology, to the demanding role as a Technical Director at Business Computing Australia, I have always enjoyed my work and the people I work with.

From 2002-2008 I had a successful business called Active Music ( while also working full time as a Field Technician for Business Computing Australia. However in 2008 I left all that behind to move to Dubai where I worked as the IT CoOrdinator for a large Architecture firm working on many large scale projects in Dubai, India and the US.

In 2010 I returned to Business Computing Australia as Technical Director. After 4yrs as Director of BCA I helped secure the sale of BCA to GPK. After helping to transition the company to the new owners I moved to Canada.
It was in Decemeber 2013 when I resigned from BCA/GPK, sold up and moved to Vancouver, Canada.

Looking towards the future, I now work between Canada and the US. I regularly run and speak at Public Cloud events in Vancouver and Seattle mainly through PUG I also have a blog on cloud which can be found at and hope to transform it into the hub for all knowledge and learning on all things cloud.

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