Sadiq: 00:26 Hi, I'm Sadiq

Cristian: 00:27 and I'm Cristian.

Sadiq: 00:28 And this is episode 87 of shades of Brown. And we're back after a week after a week's break, I guess because we didn't have anything to talk about last week. Uh, so we're going to start in classic shades of Brown fashion. Uh, this is like, you know, the Bingo card. Uh, we're going to talk about halo. So that's the start of big, huge news, huge news this week. Uh, Microsoft confirmed that uh, Hilo Bass chief collection is coming to PC, the windows platform. So let's start. So let's start with cristian. I'm gonna let you just, just get on it. What are you excited about?

Cristian: 01:11 Okay, so the one thing is that I'm hoping and if Microsoft, and there's no reason it shouldn't be there, but I'm hoping is that this has cross play and that's what has to be the most excited. It has been confirmed yet. So obviously for matchmaking, right? Matchmaking obviously make cross play like an opt in thing for any sort of competitive play, but there is no reason for a port of the Xbox version rates and not at least be able to do co op or like custom matches with people on Xbox or PC. So just the thought of being able to play halo with all my PC buds is like now actually a pretty like feasible. We can have like lan nights, we can have like campaigning through all the co op. It's just like all this good shit because so, here's how it's going to work. So mass chief collection is coming to PC. It's coming to the windows store. It will be available at Games pass. Not confirmed for play anywhere, although I'm going to assume it is because it'd be kind of silly if it was, it play anywhere cause the first party Microsoft game. But um, it's also going to be on the steam store and the only real requirement that may might sours and people is that it does require you to be logged into Xbox live for sort of matchmaking online play. But it does not require you to, yeah, pay, pay for, Xbox, live gold. He's needy. No, like a Gamer tag. So like if you use the Xbox APP on Windows 10, you're basically good to play online with this and how it's going to come. It's going to come in chunks. So that's going to come with uh, piecemeale game by game.

Cristian: 02:38 So reach is coming to mass chief collection for Xbox and PC four k 60 on Xbox, you know, likely 4k 120ish on PC if your computer could support it. And uh, and it's going to be where you just, um, a believe that model is, you could pay for all the games or just piecemeal if you want to, but multiplayer is going to be separate. So molds, so like with, um, but that Xbox of reach is going to be multiplayer is going to be included for free, but if you want to play it through the campaign, it'll be like a microtransaction, like a DLC bit by like five bucks. If ODST was any indication, and I imagine are going to do the same for PC where there's give you multiplayer, assuming you, you know, you haven't already purchase it or got it for free on the Xbox and, or you're not using games pass. And so the best part about it is just that it's a native PC version of every halo game, except 5.

Sadiq: 03:28 And, and the thing is, this is the first time PC Blair's going to be able to play most of these gins, right? So forced it's special, the reach, which Ha, which even Xbox players like, uh, if you, if you don't, if you never had an xbox 360 and you didn't, you didn't play Xbox like the halo reach with backwards compatibility on Xbox one, then you have never played halo reach like me. So, so I'm excited to play halo reach for the first time ever. I said I want to play the way they're going to release it as chronologically and right in the timeline. So Halo reach is going to be the first one. Yeah, come on. Right.

Cristian: 04:05 And then Halos one to halo two, halo three and ODST and 4 as the tentative release cycle. The three four three is saying that, um, they are, you know, since they ream, they re built the game writer for the new net for infrastructure for the one acts. They still, they still want to do a slow drip feed of, of Pc releases just to make sure, right. Say for example, they really tailor reach and they find some weird bug and how their PC code is, they don't want to guarantee, you know, all the games that wants to sort of avoid the issue they had with the original mass chief collection.

Sadiq: 04:33 Biggest Ma'am? Pretty much. Yeah, pretty much. Yeah. So it's, it's, it's gonna be exciting. It's going to be setting because these games like I'm going to be able to play halo reach for the first time. I'm going to be able to play the remastered version of halo one for like, I don't even know how many times I played thought, but uh, I'm going to play that campaign again. It's gonna happen. I'm gonna, I might actually stream it because you know why that would be fun. Uh, and I'm looking forward to, okay. Seeing how the multiplayer is. Like I haven't played halo multi player in a while, so I'm looking forward to getting back into, uh, a shooter. That's not Overwatch. Uh, so that's good. What else?

Cristian: 05:17 well, the good thing too is right, so you might be taking wasn't through for three working on hill infinite.

Sadiq: 05:21 Yes. Yes.

Cristian: 05:25 Like I don't say it's in a negative way. Right. But there are outsourcing this to a PC game studio, like a studio that only works on PC titles. I'm trying to find the name of it right now. If I could look in this blog posts here, but they are outsourcing it to a studio that has oh, splash damage, yeah. Splash damage and I, I believe that's actually, and a ruffian. So they're outsourcing it to two studios, I imagine one for the multiplayer component and one for the single players. And if we go to their websites, let's see, what games have these studios worked on?

Sadiq: 06:00 Yeah. Actually, I haven't heard these names before, so I don't know.

Cristian: 06:03 So let's see here. Splash damage has worked on gears of war for the PC version because they have worked on dirty bomb gears of war, ultimate edition, Batman Arkham origins, the Pc version of that brink, um, I don't know. Do you, do you remember off the top of your head if the PC port of Batman Arkham origins was a good game?

Sadiq: 06:21 I don't remember. But you mentioned dirty bum, right? And dirty mom is actually a very good yes, the title on PC, it's kind of dead now. I think the, I think the studio decided to like, it's not being maintained, I don't know the exact status, but dirty bomb itself. This is actually a pretty good gig. So yeah, so splash damage definitely has like the credentials

Cristian: 06:43 And they also worked on the enemy territory quake wars game.

Sadiq: 06:46 Yeah. Yeah, definitely have the PC credential, like DPC giving sort of experience to know, do Halo justice on PC.

Cristian: 06:56 Other studio has only worked on mostly connect games, uh, Ruffian and yeah. So one's doing the multiplayer component. The other ones just porting the, the, the single player campaign to it.

Sadiq: 07:08 Okay. All right. All right. I'm looking, I'm looking forward to it. Like I'm looking forward to some good talent here. Uh, I, I would imagine this is sort of like a longterm thing to get. Like it's like a marketing cycle for halo infinite as oppose to like, you know, gap till MCC released in bed chunks. And so you keep the excitement for halo all the way to

Cristian: 07:32 Infinite is coming as a play anywhere title to PC

Sadiq: 07:33 yeah. So you keep like the sort of like Hylo in the, in the front of everybody's minds because the way you release it, you're going to defeated. So we don't be talking about it at different points. So yeah, next year looking forward to what halo infinite to use. We get uh

Cristian: 07:51 oh man. Oh, you know, we get so, so um, only true Lore Historians of shades of Brown know this, but there is that video of you being called a hacker and halo one from like, what is it, 15 years and there isn't the video, the video still there. How many years ago is that video? That's like over a decade at this point. Can we, what does it says PC? Could we please recreate that video also?

Sadiq: 08:15 Somebody has to join me. Somebody has been like, it's going to be, have to be in a custom game like one B, one banshees only. Yeah. Uh Yeah on that island. Oh let's go. And if someone's good it's just call you a hacker and then we have like a comparison clip of it. Oh my God. So like so the person that calls me a hacker and then just leave straight. Yeah. So like that's going to, that's going to be the, yeah. Like whoa. Like we can recreate it that they give custom games or they are going to be available then.

Cristian: 08:44 So the thing to now the thing is that, do you think they'll just port the campaign of Halo five over eventually? Cause think about it, the multi players there and forges are already there.

Cristian: 08:56 I completely forgot for just coming to the PUC for all of these games. So that means that the PC community, you can now build custom game modes, custom maps, for all of these halo games.

Sadiq: 09:08 I mean it's going to be lit, I guess.

Cristian: 09:12 So assuming this port is done right though, don't do, do you think that this is going to be a game that'll just like be like, maybe not like huge as a players base but have a healthy one if 343 like just maintains it properly?

Sadiq: 09:24 Yeah. This, this could actually have like a long term tail of like, you know, being a solid, like release that people are playing for years because if the base is strong, uh, and it's, it's runs well and does custom modern marble or custom maps content, then it's going to have a long life, I think.

Cristian: 09:42 And especially too, right. There's not really a good arena PC shooter right now.

Sadiq: 09:46 You're right. You're absolutely right.

Cristian: 09:48 It's same thing for console too, right? It's like, I think in general there just really isn't a good classic sort of arena first person shooter cause everything's, you know, rushing apex legends. Great game. Right? But that's more of like battle royale

Sadiq: 10:00 I mean there's quake champions. But like, uh, kind of like is didn't really pick up any steam. Like, uh, so there's definitely a market for sure. Like I'm looking forward to it. Like I'm, I'm looking forward to play a game that isn't Overwatch. Uh, because sometimes I get burned out on Overwatch.

Sadiq: 10:19 Think about like a competitive league as well. I feel like now that it's on PC, the actual halo e-sportsy might start to kick up.

Sadiq: 10:25 That might, yeah, that might be true. I might maybe see more interest in the esports scene, so that's good. Uh, so that's Halo I think. Anything, anything else to talk about?

Sadiq: 10:36 Um, I just really hope to refer three. Doesn't fuck it up. I mean like, so to be clear, like the rebuilt version of master chief collection is very good. Like, it, it, it is, they have fixed most of the problems. The only thing is that I wished, you know, could pull up on the halo games, wouldn't be peer to peer to peer. But, um, I think that's how the Games are originally built. So it's like that's like a structural change that they'd have to make an order to get, you know, dedicated servers for Co op.

Sadiq: 10:58 Yeah. Yeah. I don't think it just like coop. I think, I don't think peer to peer is bad for coop. I think we have to peer it actually is like in a club since I think it's pretty good because like, cause the adding a server, they're just, it's a little bit more complexity. I think peer to peer is good. Uh, and they have to fix the fix a lot of issues with the code. Like they replaced a lot of code to write the intelligent delivery feature, uh, on MCC, right. Where you can have each game separately downloaded. Right. Uh, which is, which is amazing, which is going to be used for this PC version because they're going to be released to get separately. Uh, that's, that's cool. This is good.

Sadiq: 11:37 Uh, all right, so let's move on to something, I don't know if it's good or not because it's just so Beta software we're going to talk about, uh, android Q. Uh, so android Q came out in the first Beta came out this week, right? I think sometime this week. And what's, what's, what's the new is, is it just is, I mean this is the first Beta so it's going to be just a lot of uh, they new APIs or whatever and like some minor visual changes, right? Like A, yeah.

Cristian: 12:08 So, so it's more of a just API that can break apps, right? That changes. That's what Google is testing right now. And android Q has a big push on privacy features. Like for example, you'll find a reddit link in the show notes, which you can always find a, where um, they no longer allow services to launch activities, which basically means think there could be a random Facebook service running that will launch a, a location tracker activity. And that has been killed for all apps, including system apps said. And that's how Ios works, right? So a lot of the privacy features are like for example, you can enable location tracking only when the APP is actually, in use on the screen,

Cristian: 12:51 Google's is basically copying what Ios does in terms of the privacy controls, which to be clear is not a bad thing. That's the Ios privacy controls are very nice. Um, and that's a lot of what Google's testing and this boat's specifically just for the fact of that it's going to break apps like this, change tobacco on tasks. It's, it's how a lot of things like tasker run, right. Or like say for example you have a Samsung Galaxy s 10 and there's an app that lets you remap the Bixby button to Google assistant cause by the box they block it that runs it as like, you know, background service that will launch the Google assistant activity. That in theory would no longer work with this change. I think for the benefits to privacy. MMM. Google making this change and pissing off Facebook and some indie developers is a better move in the long run for users.

Sadiq: 13:38 Yeah. Uh, there's also a, a new sort of teaming engine. I think it's sort of like a,

Cristian: 13:44 well they're expanding. Android has always had a theming engine rate for Oems, but I think there, there's slowly, but they're slowly starting to give users more control over theming their own software

Sadiq: 13:53 and they're apparently going to put the notch in screen shots. I hope that does not make it to the final build because that looks absolutely they were declared like why? Why would I, why would anyone want to see the notch in the screenshot? I don't understand. Uh, but that's the thing. Uh, so the,

Sadiq: 14:13 What else? So there is the new share menu, right? The new Sherman, you apparently had got some serious optimization. So at it like, uh, they'll like basically with the first time it's slow, it's going to be like a tad slower, like a half second. Then from then on it's kind of like pop up basically immediately. So rarely I don't, I haven't used Android, you know,

Cristian: 14:34 do you remember where it's the same as it does back when you use the android, you remember you hit share and it just does a live polling of every app on the device. The check if they can be shared to that is still the case of android. So what this one does with with queue, he attention is for two, um, pull from just like a, a db foul, right, of our prebuilt wine where and also can automatically pull ups status quickly. Like the share sheet on Ios and then instead of doing the live loading to increase speediness of it.

Sadiq: 15:01 Yeah. So that's smart. So you don't just like every time you have to pull every app two to query about what, what, what did it take for share content. So that's like that's good. Yeah. So we're like this is first Beta, so we are going to be expecting release in a October.

Cristian: 15:22 Yeah. October, September when the pixel devices comes out. But I think that that this push for more privacy features and android is good. I think Google is still in the sort of process right, of making these core changes right there. Likely rewriting a whole bunch of shit and android. So that's, I think this is why like we've been seeing recently, the Andrew releases have been so not like, not lackluster but just not full of huge, you know, splashy features because so much of this core infrastructure is being rewritten to, you know, to be a bit more modern I guess for a lack of better words. Even if it is Ios, like because I imagine the, that by default Andrew just wasn't built with any sort of these checkers in mind. So you then have to go back, write, rewrite the frameworks on that these apps run on to include the sort of pre that's like per per app and per uh, permission, you know, basis for, for enabling this stuff and make it backwards. Compatible is a whole lot of engineering.

Sadiq: 16:19 Yeah. So like, uh, like a lot of things like freshly siloing, more information to narrower silos. So like, uh, the contact, like when when a, when APP requests contact information they can like, they can like silo that even more, it's not provides like metadata it from mission. Like who are your most contacted context? Our cotton, they call logs and not just context. Right. They sell beer. Uh, so there's actually like creating even narrower information silos so that if you have an app that is just like questing, like the question, your entire contact list, the, they don't get your call logs as well. Right. So it's like, it's also that, uh, anything else? I don't think there's like any other significant, uh, changes yet. It's just the first beta. So

Cristian: 17:15 yeah, it's just the first Beta out. Like definitely don't install this, although although good, good move on Google's part, this Beta can run on the original pixel devices and they're breaking the, they're breaking their own self imposed a silly rule. I've only supporting pixel devices for 18 months.

Sadiq: 17:30 Yeah, they did the, they released it on, on the first pixel, which is such as good out. Like I want to even the foot first pixel, it's going to get the final release as well is just,

Cristian: 17:41 I'd hope so. That'd be silly if it didn't. Although Microsoft's pulled other silliness, but that was like with windows phone. They, they've done this before, but so I don't think, I don't think Google is going to pull a Microsoft here, but you know, you know what it likely won't get the final build of this. Google's a pixel. God takes a book team because they, according to a recent report have been downsized Danda and Google's pulling back from laptops and tablets and they're prioritizing moron phones and we'll talk more about this one next week. But apparently game consuls as well. This story is that um, Google's criminal West project, well I actually think Chromebooks or like, yes you probably, everything's being tracked but at the same time, like fairly good option for specific use cases. Google's own on bike, you know, in house bill chrome was hardware. It's just the way it's been silly because of how expensive and how um, useless a Chromebook is. If you would need like a thousand, if you're paying like Mac book pro money for a Chromebook, like what are you doing with it? Why are you going to pay $2,000 for a laptop that's just runs a web browser and like a broken version of QT apps on Linux.

Sadiq: 18:50 I mean, if you wanted to do that, you could buy like a $2,000 thing pattern with Linux on it if you want it to do that.

Cristian: 18:56 Uh, but even song like desktop Linux on it, you still got more use out of it than a Chromebook and because you have like android apps, but then it's like I c e like I dunno why I would want to run android apps on the $2,000 computer. Hmm.

Sadiq: 19:10 Yeah. So this, this isn't like, this is because they made a huge deal, uh, with the, with, with the pixel book and the Pixel slate, uh, last year, right when they announce these things and now they're already like seeing \like no interest in it. And even reviewers were like, this is, this is buggy, this is slow. Like Deann, like the ability to run the Andrew an ABS. So non Chromo s is just, you know, it's not that useful like most of the time. And like at the end of the day, this is like really expensive hardware for little functionality. So they, especially if it's the I instead of the water or anything, I think we're going to, we're going to next like this coming and that like, uh, like October when they announced the pixel phones, we're not going to see, uh, anymore pixel books. So the Pixel slates, uh,

Cristian: 20:00 I mean maybe like a real cheap, like $500 Chromebook. I don't think it's a bad idea. Like a cheaper pixel, like, you know, $500 one sure. It makes sense. But like in this pixel slate and essentially to that, that woman was so buggy. You remember the software on that? Like the, when he like the pixels lady last year that oof. It was, it was not a good time and it was great computer should not have shipped.

Sadiq: 20:25 Yeah. That was, that was this rough, like software was rough. Yeah. Yeah. I don't, I don't like they try to converge android and Chromo s uh, it didn't quiet. Yeah, cut the mark mark. So that's, that's a, that's a unfortunate, but that's what it is. And we're going to move on to our big, this is like the big space tech Paul Story. Uh, everybody's talking about it. It's, it's huge right now, uh, at his, uh, apple versus Spotify. So Cristian I to you like lay like that groundwork of what is, what is actually going on the other like what is Spotify saying here?

Cristian: 21:04 So the APP store has a couple of policies and they're the specific ones here. They're being questioned are how it relates to in APP purchases because if you are selling physical goods through your store, you can go ahead and use apples in APP on and I purchased this item or your own purchase system, right? Um, like say you're ordering an Uber that can go through apple pay or Uber zone billing system or Amazon, right? You can buy stuff through Amazon pieces or physical goods and apple does not charge any sort of tax on that. However, if you're doing digital goods, apple, we'll take a 30% cut from it. Um, so you cannot sign up for Amazon prime through the APP store because if apple, if Amazon wanted to do that, they'd have to use apple system and papel 30% of their Amazon prime disruption. But you could still use the Amazon app to actually sell goods or bias stuff. Right? And you can buy like toilet paper or whatever from Amazon. So Spotify has an issue with this because it's companies like Spotify and Netflix, they, most of their money goes to paying licensing fees. So at 30% cut, well actually impact you know the music you listen to you and the prices that you'd have to pay for a premium subscription.

Sadiq: 22:12 Exactly, exactly. Yeah. So 30%. So let's, let's, let's start it with this sort of timeline. Like Spotify has a kind of handy website, but, uh, so there's a 30% a cut on content based apps like Spotify. So if, if it's not longer available, but you could, he used to be able to sign up for a Spotify through the Ios App. I am Dad. It was an in app purchase, which, which apple took a 30% cut off. Right. Uh, and that, that is what Spotify has a problem with because to cover the 30% cut, they increase the, uh, purchase to like $14, right. From $9. Uh, because they wanted to cover the apple print. And that, that also just, you know, this is off people because they realize, well, wait a minute, if I go to Spotify as website, it says nine, nine, nine, but if I, if I buy here, it's, it's 14.99, like, and then they're going to probably blind Spotify for that. Okay. And Not Apple. Uh, so the, it looked, make Spotify look bad. Uh, and then, then there's the, there's the whole thing about, uh, you know, Spotify integration with, with the Apple Watch, right? Like the,

Cristian: 23:26 yeah. Well, let's put this off into two parts. There's, there's the valid complaint, which is, yeah, there's a 30% tax that's kind of bullshit. And then there's the rest of this, which on apple and Spotify ad side is just like a Ben being full of shit. Because, um, Spotify is like apple anti competitive because we weren't able to use Siri for our music app. You could play iTunes music before apple music came out through Siri, but at the same time, like we couldn't use Siri for anything because Siri was trash, right? It's not like apple is actively blocking series. It's like sir, he was a bad product. And then they're like with Washoe apple releases, watch the West and all you can do is control like media playback and there was like a music app but it's kind of buggy on Apple's side. And it's like, yeah, that was the same for everyone.

Cristian: 24:08 You can even launch like a podcast stop on it. And then, uh, the, the next vowed complaint though is that apple music can be paid for it for $10 through the apple music app without having to go to a website on like Spotify. That's a valid complaint. But all the ones talking about like Spotify integration, the home pod one, it's like, I don't know, do you really want to be on the home pod? I mean, it makes sense, but it makes sense in a way of like, it's not apple actively blocking Spotify rate. Apple's actively blocking everyone else.

Sadiq: 24:38 No. But they have, I mean, I'm, I mean they have the deployment trying to make is that because, because apple controls the platform, they have disadvantage that, that and see what's happening here is that apple controls the apple made the platform, therefore they get to dictate the rules of the platform. But the platform is so big at this point that it is, it is genuinely hearing the sort of anti like, like this, this sort of [inaudible] situation here because apple is essentially giving themselves the, giving there music services like a distinct advantage or Ios, right? Like in many ways. Uh, and that, that's I think what the, like the sort of the gist of Spotify as complaints about the integrations that these integrations we're available for like, uh, apples music center was before they were available for, for Spotify or other music services. Because, you know, apple wants to keep the against Starbucks for their music service. Uh, so that's like the gist of the complaint, I think. Uh, and in, and also, so in 2016, uh, a Spotify turned off the, the in APP purchase, right? They're removing. Uh, and then it starts that apple started to this light pattern of like rejecting Spotify for various like, you know, random reasons and like, uh,

Cristian: 26:04 well, so they got the projected because when it comes to the in app purchase bottle of Ios and this one is actual bullshit, like 100% certifiable, great bs bullshit of if you mentioned that you can buy a subscription online in your app, your APP will get rejected. So if you open the Amazon or Netflix that they can't mention that if you, you need to pay for a subscription by going to the website, it's just the login screen

Sadiq: 26:30 does just the login screen. So like they can mention it. Uh, so like in, in, it's like, uh, it's, it's like a call to action restriction rate. Like, you can't put like a, like a signup page or like, uh, like you get like a website, like that goes through, they cope at safari, it goes to a website where they can to do that, which obviously like if you're a Spotify and say somebody Blake finds about Spotify from the APP store and then the download the APP to just get a login budget, they're like, okay, how do I, how do I set up? Like they have to actually go looking and, and no doubt that creates significant friction for signups, right? Like, you know, you're no longer able to let you know, guide users to be able to sign up. You're just stuck. You stuck with this log in screen.

Sadiq: 27:16 Uh, so it's, uh, it's an uncovered and so I'm like the apple music thing, uh, there's not, there's another big one is that our music, it's like right there in, in the, in the built in Ios music app. Uh, and you can just launch it and like just start the signup process just, just from within the APP. Right. Uh, so that's like a distinct vantage like that. That's another one. Uh, yeah. Uh, what else? Like the, uh, there is, I think the, yeah, so one huge one is the apple promotional pushes, right? The apple music promotional pushes, uh, where apple music sense like dispersal and like these, these posts push notifications like that other apps cannot send, right? They expire. If I cannot send you a push notification and say, Hey, uh, we're not, we're giving away like, you know, a discounted month of Spotify or like, you know, we were having this free month offer or whatever. Like they cannot do that, but apple can do whatever it wants because it served platforms. So they send these, uh, but I haven't gotten these, I got one recently actually. Like I don't even know why because I have apple music disabled.

Cristian: 28:27 They've done stuff like give everyone a free album. I put it on their phone.

Sadiq: 28:30 U2. Yeah. Yeah. I remember that. That was a, that was a huge deal back then. But this is just like, did I promoting the duty stuff that's forbidden by their own rules that other people are not allowed to do. Right. So dig it too. [inaudible] this is a valid complaint because this is just like abusing your, abusing your power as the sort of platform holder to essentially put yourself in a good position to be able to, you know, capitalize on like your, your user base. Uh, okay. And then what else? Uh, so this is, I think those are, I think that we all compare. I don't think there are any other specific real complaints like B, like, uh, like dimension, like the podcast recommendations thing. Like, uh, okay. Like apple, like arbitrator decides to prohibit use the fifth Epi to recommend podcasting users. I mean,

Cristian: 29:23 you know, I, I don't know Marco was talking about on Twitter and he's like, I don't know what they're talking about with that one.

Sadiq: 29:32 Uh, so that's that. But so apple Spotify decided this week that the the are going to file a complaint with the commission, the European Union body that, uh, handles have to trust issues. Uh, so they filed the complaint, uh, at the EC is uh, going to be reviewing the complaint. Of course they ended deaths. All this said, I think at this point is that they are going to be reviewing the entirety of it. Uh, and we will see if this goes forward to some sort of regulatory review. And action nine, we'll see, maybe maybe apple gets fined here. And I'm like, I think, uh, several lawyers, uh, have mentioned that Spotify does have a strong case in India. Uh, so it is, we'll see in a few years, I guess we are going to have to keep up with us because this is not done yet for sure.

Cristian: 30:26 Apple's response to this however was bullshit. So yeah, Apple's response was like, Oh wow, we've done so much to curate this app store and we, these are the rules we set for everyone. So Spotify is playing by our rules, which actually isn't Spotify as argument rights. Spotify, the argument is that these roles are fucking bullshit. Not that we're playing by the, we're not playing by the rules. So is just like, yeah, they're playing by the rules and everyone else to get treated the way. But that's not the claim.

Sadiq: 30:49 Yeah. But like that's like saying like, yeah, everyone did the play by the rules, but like the rules are made by you and you get to choose when to apply them. Uh, and you get, you get to follow your own rules. Like, you know, the, the, the promotional push thing like that is absolutely a violation of, of their own fucking rules. So it's like, cool dig, don't get to say that they're following the rules. Like that's a non argument. That is not an actual argument. Like that's just distracting. But the issue that that's not small at this point does want to fight. I was trying to make uh, this, this whole, uh, statement from apple is disingenuous and like, just trying to distract from the actual issue. And I think that's actually bullshit. Uh,

Cristian: 31:32 yeah, especially so because with the in app purchases them all, apple is really being is just like a, not like a merchant processor, right. But like basically like a middle person to just process transactions. And um, in the digital space, 30%, it's actually, digital fees are fairly high, fairly that that's the normal for it. But like in most other places, like most per transactions, usually quaint zero 5% of it like 10 cents, 5 cents on each transaction. Um, that's mostly for physical stores based off my own experience. But, um, I do know digital tends to go a little bit higher just because of how the margins are based off of, you know, you're not actually selling physical products, but Apple's is still pretty high. Um, not compared to other apps stores, but compared to other platforms, there's just processing a transaction. The processing fees that apple charges is far higher than most other actual like processors.

Sadiq: 32:27 So, so apple gets to make the point that they provide like this, this platform like to provide, they have built for this APP store, right? They had, they had the infrastructure, this global distribution platform, uh, like the, the be operating system. So they are big. They can probably justify the 30% cut. But I don't think that, like, I don't think it's like, I don't think Spotify is argument. Is that the, the, the crux of the argument is that the, it's this sort of alluding to it that he know that 30% is unfair, but they're also at the same time. It's not like the cut to, that's the problem, right? It's like the, uh, it's like the whole thing around the cut. Like it's like

Cristian: 33:05 apple, their actual claims that he used off of the 30% cut. Oh, okay. So that's the actual claim to okay. For other, so of course there's always gonna be a transaction fee, right? Um, but most places, most merchants, processors like tend to discharge a flat rate, right? Not a percentage of the transactions. So it's like 5 cents per transaction and 10 cents per transaction or however that works out. Right. And so 30% of a whole transaction is a lot more than that. And so I think that's what Spotify arguing about because if you pay it through the APP or a apple uses their own whatever, merchant service, right? The process, that card, I think get it, you know, get the funds moved over to Spotify. That's the core of the issue. Um, they're likely going to throw in the other stuff about Apple's lock it on the platform as well. But I think that's, that needs to be a separate case. And this one should specifically just the about rate, the 30% cut.

Sadiq: 33:56 Right. Okay. Okay. So understandable. So this is, uh, legs. I like, we are going to have to wait because this is when now just apple is just posturing and you know, making it up. Like they just essentially like, hey, look at all the good stuff we do. Right. It look at all the other things we have built here. Right. Uh, which, which is, which is just not even like addressing Spotify as concerns directly. Right? They're trying to sort of distract. Yeah.

Cristian: 34:26 And then Spotify responded by calling apple monopolist, which they are.

Sadiq: 34:31 Yeah. I mean, I like the way they are. They are monopolies is that, uh, like the decree, this dominant platform with, with the majority of market share, it's in several countries, right in the, Eh, in the United States, in the UK. Uh, so like significant markets that are the high value and that apple has, has a significant market share and then that they're controlling music. Did they're using like that dominance to muscle in the their music service? Uh, so, uh, uh, one of us there. Like is there anything else that we need? Talk about it.

Sadiq: 35:13 I think at the moment that's all we really know about it. But does this sort of like the, like you're sitting, like you're alluding to earlier, it's going to be like Spotify or sorry. I mean apple of Yukon, Qualcomm, right. In terms of houses is going to progress over the upcoming years. MMM. Because I do feel like eventually my, my own like, you know, Game Theory is that this is, this is going to end up just being apple caving before regulators come in and just, and them just lowering the percentage.

Sadiq: 35:41 So what did you like, do you think I was in a cave? If apple caves here it says president, right? It sets a precedent for,

Cristian: 35:51 yeah. But if a court rules, that's a, that's a, you got to follow the court. If apple caves, they can dictate some terms. Right. But if a court rules that is just what the court,

Sadiq: 35:58 you're right and you're right. So right now we're going to have to wait for the European Commission to, you know, decide that they do want to move forward with, with, you know, like a full, a full case. I guess it's still being reviewed and it's sort of like how the Supreme Court in the United States or of used cases and they decided which ones they want to tackle, which don't. Uh, so, so we're going to see, uh, this is no doubt going to be something we're going to come back to, uh, in the coming months or years even us look forward to that. Uh, okay. I think that's, I think that's it. Uh, I think that's, that's a good place for us.

Cristian: 36:36 It's good place to wrap up because we got GDC come in next week. So there's been a lot of Xbox rumors and Google rumors that we were kind of like been mentioning them, but we're going to wait until GDCs over to talk about it because I'm definitely excited for what Microsoft and Google have to stay there since I think that it's going to the next gen stuff I think is more okay. Cries and Jim Sterling voice everything as a service.

Sadiq: 36:58 Oh my God, yes. Yes. A streaming as a streaming games as a service. It's going to be a big theme this year and look forward to it or don't, I suppose. So. As always, you can find us two shades of give us feedback, contact the two shades of Brown dark home. If you're a, if you're a huge Halo nerd, feel free to send me messages about which hello gave you like the bus, et Cetera, et cetera. Uh, okay. Uh, you can find me on masstone at Stonex safe at [inaudible] done. Zombot and Christian, where can people find you?

Sadiq: 37:34 You can find me online. chosa do tonline. You can also find me at tenforward dot social slash chosa fine.

Sadiq: 37:42 Yep. Uh, and with that goodbye.

Cristian: 37:45 Bye.