Books I have read: January, 2017 - May, 2019

Some notes. Mostly I read non-fiction (NF). TBD means to be determined. Density and length are relative concepts. Most books are medium density and medium length. Books under 100 pages are small and books over 400 pages are large. Books of large or XL density have to be read slowly. Books of S density can be skimmed quickly.

The ratings are comments are not only subjective, but may have to do of when I was reading the book and how I was feeling. If you loved a book that I did not, you are likely a better reader than I was.

For a running total, see the bottom of the page

This list does not include cookbooks or other instruction books for the most part.

The books

Year Month Title Status F/NF Subject Area Recommend? Density Length Stars Comment
17 1 Art and Fear Finished NF art Yes S S 4 Good! To read over and over again
17 1 Tuesday with Morrie Finished NF ideas Yes S S 3 Good to read from time to time. Something of a bio.
17 1 The Inevitable Finished NF ideas No M M 2.5 Lighter and breezier than I hoped
17 1 The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck Finished NF Selfhelp No S M 2.5 Tiring towards the end. Just went on to long. Conversational
17 2 Philosophers of our time Onhold NF Philosophy TBD XL L None May just read this from time to time
17 2 Seneca's Letters to a Cynic Onhold NF essays TBD L M None May just read this from time to time
17 2 Art as Therapy Finished NF art Yes M M 4 Really enjoyed this. Best AdB book since Proust
17 3 A Short History of Economics Finished NF economics Yes M M 4 Good. One of the better books on economics
17 3 Writing to Learn Finished NF Selfhelp Yes M M 3.5 Mostly good. Falters at the end, like much non-fiction
17 1 Farewell to Arms Discarded F Fiction TBD M L TBD Not sure why I put this down. I was enjoying it
17 1 1177 BC Finished NF history Maybe M M 3.5 Ok. Some parts were good, but dry in others
17 1 AWS for Admin for Dummies Reference IT IT Yes S M 4 Useful
17 2 Seneca Reference NF essays Yes M S 4 Rereading passages of the small Penguin book
17 2 Orwell Reference NF essays Yes M S 4 Rereading passages of the small Penguin book
17 3 How to See Finished NF art Yes L M 3.5 Mostly good. Inaccessible at time. Still interesting. Very insider-y but good writing/though
17 3 Landscapes Discarded NF essays TBD L M TBD New John Berger
17 4 Saatchi/Artoholic book Finished NF art No S L 2.5 More an article than a book. Read it in just over an hour
17 4 The Origin of Satan (Pagels) Discarded NF religion TBD M M TBD Too dreary/negative. Less about Satan, more an attack on the church. Strictly for theologians.
17 5 Art a begginers guilde Finished NF art yes M M 3.5 Enjoyable. Good intro to a lot of different concepts
17 5 Wittgenstein's Poker Finished NF philosophy Yes L M 3.5 Good, but like all nf, too long. Gets you interested in reading Popper and Wittgenstein though
17 5 Grit to Great Finished NF Selfhelp No S M 2.5 Meh. Pretty light. A list of gritty things to do with lots of stories. Not compelling
17 6 The Pleasure of Painting (Churchill) Finished NF art Yes S L 3 Good but very short. More like a story than anything else
17 6 12 Steps to a Compassionate Life Finished NF religion No M M 2.5 Tried once before. Trying again. Weak at first, but it gets better. Overall weak sauce.
17 6 How to change the world Finished NF Selfhelp No M M 2.5 Meh. Like a lot of stuff from The School of Life, it is too subdued
17 7 17 formulas Finished NF math Yes M M 4 Well written! Good detail and relevance
17 7 The Better Angels of Our Nature Discarded NF sociology TBD L L TBD Lost interest.
17 7 Einstein/Infeld Finished NF physics Yes XL M 4 Good! Better this time around! Not sure why, but easier to stick with it.
17 8 Machine Platform Crowd Finished NF business Yes M M 3 Good, but felt dated in parts. Also a bit of a rehash. Crowdsourcing? Still well written though
17 9 Sapiens Finished NF anthropology Yes M M 3 Good, especially the beginning. Great if this kind of NF is new to you
17 9 Anatomies Finished NF biology Yes S-M M 3 Not bad. Great if you love medicine, biology
17 9 Power Finished NF Philosophy No M M 2 Weak, I felt. Almost anecdotal. Historically written in 1938
17 9 Fear of Physics Finished NF physics No M M 2 Starts good but then meanders. Written without a clear reader in mind.
17 10 The Art of Rivalry Finished NF Art Not sure M M 3.5 Kinda gossipy but it is good when it talks about the art and history. Better later.
17 10 The Theoretical Minimum Finished NF physics Maybe L M 3 Too dense. You need to read with pen and paper. Still, good
17 10 Teenage Brain Discarded NF biology TBD M M TBD tbd
17 10 Progress Finished NF world studies Yes! L M 5 Well done! Zips along, not overly simple. Great!
17 11 Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Finished F SciFi Yes M M 4 Enjoyed! PKD writing still not great but I get the stories better now
17 11 The Man in the High Castle Finished F SciFi Yes M M 4 Better than Do Androids
17 11 Side Hustle Discarded NF Business TBD L M TBD tbd
17 12 The Invititing Life Finished NF Home Yes M M 4 Helpful for people lost on how to make their home more inviting
17 12 Grant Finished NF History Yes! Y L 5 Fantastic book! Can't recommend it enough
18 1 The Gentle Swedish Art of Death Cleaning Finished NF HomeEc Yes S S 4 A nice companion to Marie Kondo
18 1 On Writing Finished NF Writing Yes S M 3 It was ok.
18 2 Midlife Finished NF Philosophy Yes M S 4 Odd. Light philosophy on midlife crises
18 2 Teenage Brain Discarded NF Biology TBD M S TBD
18 2 The Information Finished NF IT Yes M M 3 Some parts good, but otherwise I started to skim
18 3 Resilience Finished NF Selfhelp No S M 1.5 So light as to be useless. Mostly skimmed.
18 3 On Music Finished NF Music Yes S M 4.5 Brilliant. Absolutely loved it
18 4 Berlin Diary Finished NF History Yes M M 4.5 A re-read. But loved it.
18 4 F*ck Feelings Finished NF Selfhelp Yes M M 4 Interesting. Counterintuitive self help book
18 4 Factfulness Finished NF Philosophy Yes! M M 5 Great book. Devoured it.
18 4 Doris Lessing Massey Lecture Finished NF Ideas No M S 3 Some parts good, but otherwise it seems dated
18 5 Tony Robbins shortbook Finished NF Selfhelp Yes S S 3 Good intro to Robbins and all you need
18 5 Marcus Aurelius Discarded NF Philosophy Yes M M 2 Terrible translation. Put aside
18 5 Epictetus Finished NF Philosophy Yes M M 4 One of the better translations of the ancient stoic
18 6 Buddist book on fear Finished NF Buddhism No M S 3 Ok. Some parts were good, but dry in others
18 7 Religion for Atheists Finished NF Selfhelp Yes M M 4 The first time I tried to read this, I didn't care for it much. Enjoyed it much better the second attempt.
18 7 When Things Fall Apart Discarded NF Buddhism TBD M M TBD None
18 7 The Liitle Book of Big History Finished NF Buddhism Somewhat M M 3.5 Good. More so for people without not much knowledge of history
18 7 Tyrant Finished NF History Yes! M M 5 Superb! A gripping reading of Shakespeare's Tyrants as an extended metaphor of our time.
18 7 Zen and the Art of happiness Finished NF Buddhism No M L 2.5 Some good parts but mostly dismissable
18 8 How to think about exercise Finished NF Philosophy Yes M S 4 Good!
18 8 Color Discarded NF History No M M 0 It was mostly tedious. I finally had enough and moved on.
18 8 Medium Raw Finished NF Food Yes! M M 5 Loved this. Non fiction writing at it's best
18 8 Astrophysics with NDG Finished NF Science Not sure M S 3 For fans of NDG. I am uninterested.
18 8 A practical guide to happiness Finished NF Philosophy Yes S S 4 Good but forgettable.
18 8 How to write not bad Finished NF Writing Not really M M 2.5 Mediocre. Good for someone with no knowledge of how to improve their writing only
18 9 Arbitrary Stupid Goal Finished NF Biography Yes M M 4 Loved it. A great bio
18 8 Vanishing New York Finished NF Social Science Yes M L 3.5 Well done. Goes on because it is trying to be comprehensive
18 10 Stillness speaks Finished NF Philosophy Yes M S 4.5 A good intro to buddhism and so much more
18 10 Clean Discarded NF Health TBD M M TBD None
18 11 Just Kids Finished NF Biography Yes! M M 5 Such a beautiful book
18 11 32 Yolks Finished NF Biography Yes S M 4 Better than I thought.
18 12 Why religion? Finished NF Biography no M M 3 Not focused. Seems like Pagels wanted to write two books at once
19 1 Atomic Habits Discarded NF Selfhelp TBD M M TBD None
19 1 Goodbye, things Finished NF Home Yes L M 4 Better than Marie Kondo in some ways
19 2 Passion - HBR Book Finished NF Selfhelp Yes L L 4 These two HBR books were rather good
19 2 Resiliency - HBR Book Finished NF Selfhelp Yes L L 4 None
19 2 Less Finished NF Home Yes L L 4 Good book on how to adopt minimalism
19 3 A Mad Catastrophe Finished NF History Yes M M 4 Best book I read on the end of the Hapsburg monarchy.
19 3 The Death of Democracy Finished NF History Yes M M 3 Good if you don't know anything about the rise of the Nazis, but for me it felt like so much I read already
19 3 The Great Crash 1929 Finished NF History Yes M M 3 I had fatigue for JKG and his writing style this time. Too plummy. I liked it better when I was young.
19 3 The One Minute Manager Finished NF Selfhelp Yes S S 3 Interesting as an artifact of its time. Still not bad for new managers
19 4 Smarter than you Think Finished NF IT Yes M M 4 Loved this. Great rundown of how tech makes us better, not worse.
19 4 Coders Finished NF IT Yes! L M 5 Really loved this. So rich and dense. One of the best books I've ever read on IT
19 2 Lynch Law Discarded NF History no M M 0 From the 1910 era. A neutral view of lynching to say the least
19 5 Siddhartha's Brain Finished NF Selfhelp no M M 3.5 Not gripping. Easy to skim
19 5 The Sweet Life of Paris Finished NF Food no M M 3 Odd book. More like a series of blog posts compiled together

Total Finished: 70

Total Discarded: 13

Total Other: 5

Total Books: 88