Calgary Boiler repairs

DHL Mechanical 115 Midglen Pl SE, Calgary, AB T2X 1H6 (403) 863-8246 Boilers In calgary Preventive measures are the most recommended methods to prevent the boiler Calgary breakdowns. Frequent diagnosis and maintenance could reduce the probability of failures. The procedures may vary for the gas fired boiler, electric boiler and the oil fired boiler. Some of the measures have to be taken as a part of maintenance procedures, while the others have to be implemented when the initial symptoms of breakdown appear.

Calgary Boiler repair Measures


The parts inspection and maintenance can be done even when your Calgary boiler  is working efficiently. The mechanical contractor procedures cleaning, rust removal, lubrication, filter replacement, pressure valve testing, leakage tests etc. The other part of preventive maintenance includes identification of the failure symptoms. As you know the parts of boiler develop symptoms of fatigue due to excess stress and faulty parts. You may have observed the slightest symptoms of variation in the functionality. Even in such cases you can take the preventive measures to avoid the boiler breakdown. Here is a brief list of the most common symptoms, probable causes and the troubleshooting procedures.

Error Code Analysis

If the display panel shows any error code, you need to check them, identify them from your boiler user manual and take the proper corrective and preventive measures. Some of the most common codes and their meaning can be attributed to

Professional Boiler Repairing Company

The services from a professional boiler Repair & Maintenance Company can help you in reducing the risks of breaking down and enhance the boiler functionality after the servicing. DHL Mechanical is your local Calgary Boiler and radiant heating experts, we specialize in boiler repairs, boiler service and installation. We can respond to any emergency boiler repairs that happen and would also like to help you keep your hot water system running full time by keeping up with service and care of your boiler systems and hot water systems. We are Boiler experts in both residential and commercial applications as well as being HVAC Certified we are also BBB accredited. Hot Water Heat (also known as Hydronics) is a safe and efficient system for creating a comfortable residential or commercial living space. Water is heated with an energy source, then circulated through a network of pipes and radiators throughout the area to heat. The radiators can be installed in the floor (in-floor radiant heat), along the baseboards (baseboard radiators) or mounted on walls. In Calgary, the energy source is typically natural gas.