LaSalle Software v2 and Site Relaunch On The Way

Today is May 07th, 2019.

I am deep into LaSalle Software version 2.0 development. Here's a quick run-down:

  • Based on the superb Laravel Framework
  • multiple front-end domains;
  • one single common back end administrative web app;
  • profile database tables;
  • separate contact database tables from the site registered user table;
  • integration with the first party "Nova" admin package;
  • integrated, and sane, authorization;
  • the front-end and admin packages will be free;
  • open source;
  • features that are essential for my own, and client, web applications;
  • the basis for further package development;
  • something that I can pull "off the shelf" to spin up customized features for clients

Blogging, podcasting, and events will be separate open source packages, but likely be offered for free to clients only.

At this point, I am lavishing time on things that perhaps I could-and-should defer, that may not look important, but are making things more polished. Chunks of time without coding LSv2 do happen. However, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for the intial front-end and back-end admin package releases. Then, onto the blog, podcast, and event packages -- all of which I've done in version one.

Stay tuned for progress reports. Definitely getting there!

-Bob Bloom